22-Year-Old College Student Cracks Stock Market Code, Earns 50 Lakhs Through Option Selling

22-Year-Old College Student Cracks Stock Market Code, Earns 50 Lakhs Through Option Selling

Sankalp Singh Rajput, a 22-year-old B Pharma student, defies expectations by carving a successful path in stock market trading. Despite his studies’ demands, Sankalp has achieved impressive results, generating over ₹50 lakhs through option selling strategies.

Sankalp Singh Rajput founded Bull Trendz. Sankalp’s entry into the stock market began four years ago, fueled by a natural curiosity about finance. He embraced a self-directed learning approach. YouTube became his classroom, and with dedication, he diligently absorbed the knowledge and skills needed to understand the market. This path was not without its challenges. 

As with many new traders, Sankalp encountered setbacks, experiencing a loss of ₹4 lakh during his initial days. However, this initial hurdle did not deter him. Instead, he viewed it as a valuable learning experience. Undeterred by these challenges, he persevered, turning his initial losses into valuable lessons. He analysed his mistakes, identifying areas for improvement in his trading strategies. This self-reflection, coupled with his dedication, fueled his learning process. 

He studied educational resources online, expanding his knowledge base beyond YouTube tutorials. Stock market forums and communities became his virtual mentors, where he could engage with experienced traders and glean insights from their successes and failures. Through this continuous learning cycle, Sankalp honed his skills and developed an approach to option selling. This transformation did not happen overnight. It was a journey paved with countless hours of study, analysis, and a belief in his ability to succeed. 

While many his age might be focused on social media or video games, Sankalp has chosen to dedicate his time to learning finance. His success in the stock market is not simply a stroke of luck. It is the culmination of years of dedicated study, analysis, and a willingness to learn from his mistakes. He embodies the idea that success in the financial markets is achievable for anyone with the drive and dedication to work hard. His story inspires aspiring investors, demonstrating that financial literacy and success are attainable for young people, regardless of their background or formal education in finance.  

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His Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/bulltrendz?igsh=MTJkN2plMDc1ampjag== 


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