JD School of Design Opens Admissions for 2024

JD School of Design Opens Admissions for 2024

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], April 18, 2024: JD School of Design, a renowned institution synonymous with design excellence, is excited to announce the commencement of admissions for the academic year 2024 across its comprehensive design programmes.

JD School of Design, powered by the esteemed legacy of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, offers a platform for aspiring design visionaries to translate their dreams into successful careers. In today’s dynamic design landscape, where skilled professionals are in high demand, JD School of Design equips students with the knowledge, expertise, and cutting-edge skills needed to flourish.

With a focus on exploration and collaboration, the institution offers a unique educational experience across various creative disciplines. Affiliated with prestigious universities like Bengaluru City University, Goa University, and collaborations with Sunrise University, JD School of Design pushes the boundaries of traditional design education.

Beyond the classroom, students gain invaluable real-world exposure through factory visits, guest lectures by industry leaders, insightful seminars, and hands-on workshops. The institution provides a holistic learning approach blends theoretical knowledge with practical application. Leveraging latest digital and technological advancements the institution prepares students for success in a post-pandemic design landscape.

“Our programmes are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and industry connections they need to thrive in the design landscape,” said Mr Nealesh Dalal, Founder of JD School of Design. “We are excited to welcome the next generation of creative minds to our vibrant community.”

Discover the academics of design, with a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs awaiting to cater to every creative spark. From B.Sc. in Fashion & Apparel Design, Interior Design & Decoration, to specialized fields like Jewellery Design, Graphic Design, and Product Design, there is something to ignite the passion of every aspiring designer. Under the mentorship of esteemed faculty members, students develop a vast array of skills, while our modern classrooms, design labs, and workshops equipped with cutting-edge technologies foster a world-class learning environment, empowering students to experiment, refine their design thinking, and master practical skills essential for success in the dynamic world of design.

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For detailed information on programmes and the admission process, please contact us at +91-9910055378 or visit our website: JD School of Design.


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