VS Productions Set to Release “Mahi Mahi,” a Debut Single by Vishal Bhardwaj

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Amritsar (Punjab), [India], June 08, 2024: VS Productions, an esteemed Australian production house, is launching the music single “Mahi Mahi” worldwide on its YouTube channel. This song marks the official debut of Vishal Bhardwaj, an artist with a rich background in music, spanning nearly a decade of performances in India and Australia. He keeps practising music to ensure every song touches the heart of the listener.

The single “Mahi Mahi” features an array of talented individuals behind its production, including Director Ajay Singh, whose directorial prowess is renowned on platforms like Amazon Prime, T-Series, and Zee Music. Ajay Singh, also a respected consultant director at PTC Punjabi, brings his unique vision to this project, continuing his commitment to nurturing fresh talent.

Ajay Films, responsible for the song’s production and post-production processes—including cinematography, editing, and music corrections—boasts comprehensive production capabilities.

The filming of “Mahi Mahi” took place over three days at various scenic locations across Melbourne, Australia. An interesting anecdote from the shoot involved the cooperation of local authorities to capture a perfect moment, showcasing the supportive environment facilitated by the Australian government.

Producers Satnam Jayee and Vishal Sharma, along with a creative team including Niharika Rai and Music given by G Waris, and Lyrics written by Lal Othian, have collaboratively crafted a musical piece that promises to connect with audiences globally.

“Mahi Mahi” will premiere on major music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Music, on June 9th, broadening its reach to an international audience eager for fresh sounds and new talent.

VS Productions invites music enthusiasts and the media to join in celebrating this significant musical release, which not only highlights Vishal Bhardwaj’s vocal talent but also the collaborative spirit of artists across continents.


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