Vismay Patel’s Waadiyan is Out Now on Selekt by Koinage

Vismay Patel’s Waadiyan is Out Now on Selekt by Koinage

If you are someone who was always fascinated with the idea of traveling, especially to mountains. Waadiyan is the song you should be currently listening to!! It is sung, written, and composed by well-known Indie artist Vismay Patel, whereas its music is produced by Sashwat Prakash Borah.

Waadiyan was shot in the Paragliding Capital of India, Bir. The video features travel influencer, Surya Shahi aka The Sunshine Ladki along with Vismay himself. The music video follows the cute story of a girl finally ticking her travel list with her visit to the mountains. The song is full of picturesque shots giving you a soothing feeling and at the same complementing the lyrics of song. It’s like the more you listen to Waadiyan, the more you feel like going to Mounatins right away.

While talking about the song, Vismay Patel said, “Mountains have healing magic, they just refresh your soul. While writing Waadiyan, I wanted to tap that feeling of visiting mountains and that desire to travel and explore.  This is my first for Selekt by Koinage but second for Koinage Records after Dil Mera. I hope my audience will relate to it and let the explorer inside them fulfill their travel list.”

Vismay Patel started performing in cafes at the age of 17, and later his passion for music led him to compose and sing 5 heart-winning tracks like ‘Pal Behta Jaaye’ and ‘Behne Do’. He also established ‘808 Music Studio’, the first recording studio in Nadiad, Gujarat. His every track was loved by the audience for its relatability to real life. If you are someone who enjoys Indie pop, then you should check other songs by Vismay Patel.

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Check out the full song by clicking on the link below.


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