The Future of Homecare is Here: AI-Powered Convenience with Zipcon, Putting Customers First

The Future of Homecare is Here AI-Powered Convenience with Zipcon, Putting Customers

Jammu, [India], May 14, 2024: Imagine a world where managing household chores feels effortless. Zipcon Services Private Limited understands the struggle of balancing both household and professional responsibilities.

Founded in 2019 by Sayeed Mehmood Ul Hussain, Zipcon is transforming home care by prioritising the client experience and leveraging technology to create a seamless and personalised service system.

Zipcon’s philosophy is simple: ‘free you from the burden of housework, so you can focus on what truly matters’. The company achieves this through a client-centric approach. 

Its user-friendly mobile app allows for easy service booking, putting the power at the fingertips. Background-verified professionals ensure a sense of security and trust, allowing clients to relax knowing their home is in good hands. 

Finally, Zipcon’s commitment to eco-friendly products reflects a shared value for a sustainable future.

But Zipcon doesn’t stop at convenience. The brand plans on integrating AI into the platform, allowing Zipcon to anticipate client needs and curate service packages that perfectly suit their lifestyle.

Sayeed, founder of Zipcon. says, “We believe technology should empower people, not replace them. Our goal is to use AI to create a more seamless and personalized home service experience, while still maintaining the human touch that our customers value.”

This dedication to customer-centricity is evident in testimonials like Mrs. Verma, a busy professional in Delhi. She shares her experience with Zipcon, saying, “Before Zipcon, I felt like I was constantly playing catch-up with housework. Now, the app makes booking services so convenient, and the professionals are reliable and trustworthy. It’s given me back precious time to spend with my family and pursue my hobbies.”

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Zipcon’s impressive client list, which includes Lemon Tree Hotels, Cygnett, Mahindra, and Brand Factory, speaks volumes about its commitment to quality and service excellence. Their dedication to both sustainability and cutting-edge technology further solidifies their position as a leader in the home service industry.

With a focus on empowering clients and creating a seamless experience, Zipcon is set to redefine the future of homecare in India. Imagine coming home to a haven – a space that reflects every need and frees one to live their life. With Zipcon, that future is here.

For further information, interested clients can call at this toll-free number: 18008894191


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