Shahbaaz Ahmed was Being a small ambitious guy from a big city and started learning fashion in practical ways

Shahbaaz Ahmed was Being a small ambitious guy from a big city and started learning fashion in practical ways
Shahbaaz Ahmed

What’s it that makes a company successful or known as one? You might say it is hard work. And indeed it is, though there are things which get overlooked very often. To become successful in a certain field of interest one needs many things which includes financial support, moral support, strategy, skills, dedication and labor help.

Would you say that Erach India is a successful company? If you check their page, you’ll get to see all the projects they are involved with and their upcoming projects, which can be taken as a good start. Yeah as I said it’s just a starting point, there is room for growth and seeing their progress we may expect greater outcomes.

Aren’t you curious about how this all started and what was the inspiration behind this? Well let’s begin the journey of Erach India and its owner. It started as a mere hobby but remained as a fascination. Besides academic knowledge, Shahbaaz actively participated in sports and cultural programs. People used to believe that he would surely do something major, but their thoughts were a little too mainstream in contrast to what Shahbaaz had dreamt. Throughout the years, he had the support of his family and friends, who stayed by his side and supported him with all they had. He started working at a very early stage, call it financial issues or ambition, the hard work sure paid off.

As you know it is very hard to tell what a person might be thinking, no one had the slightest idea what Shahbaaz was planning at that time. Life took too many unexpected turns during the course of these years, but the will to create something bigger and better was intact. So he worked really hard under people who were either big or were still trying to reach the sky.

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Experience came his way and he took smaller unnoticeable but important steps towards his career everyday. He is the type of person who believes to work in silence, hence it was only the closest ones who knew about his next move. After ten years of working, he earned a decent amount of knowledge and skills about the fashion industry. Slowly slowly the plan of making his own name in this industry started brewing, and at first he only decided the name. It was kept after his first child Erach, and the brand got its name. Of course the question arises of how it is connected to India, well the question answers itself. the brand is based in India and it represents Indian culture with a modern twist.

Later on it is revealed that Erach India is a subsidiary of Warsi the Creation founded and owned by Shahbaaz Ahmed Warsi.

The brand stands at a good position right now, known all around India by their precious consumers. Bringing in old and new faces to represent their style and attire, Erach India is expanding and giving a new outlook to our tradition. And we may expect a fashion magazine launching anytime this new year.


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