Empowering Magicians and Entertainers During Challenging Times: Mr. Yogesh Sonawane’s Success Story

Empowering Magicians and Entertainers During Challenging Times Mr. Yogesh Sonawane's Success Story

In the realm of magic and entertainment, BNI-NAVI MUMBAI Harmony of Navi Mumbai Region has proven to be a powerful catalyst for success, particularly during the most challenging of times. Mr. Yogesh Sonawane, an esteemed magician and entertainer with 15 years of experience, joined BNI-NAVI MUMBAI Harmony in February 2019, and since then, his journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

BNI-NAVI MUMBAI, which stands for Business Network International, is renowned for its emphasis on referrals and building strong relationships. Mr. Sonawane recognized the potential of this network, viewing it as an opportunity to generate business and expand his reach. His decision to become a member of BNI-NAVI MUMBAI – Panvel region proved to be a game-changer.

As the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic and the entertainment industry faced unprecedented setbacks, Mr. Sonawane found himself in a unique position. Leveraging the power of virtual platforms, he embraced the challenge and began offering his magical performances through Zoom events. From Rajasthan to West Bengal, Jammu Kashmir to Surat, and Bangalore to countless other cities, Mr. Sonawane captivated audiences with an astonishing 69 shows during the lockdown period.

What made Mr. Sonawane’s success even more remarkable was the overwhelming support he received from his fellow BNI-NAVI MUMBAI members. A staggering 95% of his business during the lockdown originated from BNI-NAVI MUMBAI referrals. Birthdays, social media campaigns, corporate events, and mind-reading acts became his specialties. BNI members from across India and even globally played a crucial role in expanding his reach and connecting him with diverse opportunities.

As the world gradually emerged from the pandemic, Mr. Sonawane’s talent broke free from the confines of virtual performances. With the backing of BNI-NAVI MUMBAI, he embarked on a whirlwind journey, traveling to various cities across India to deliver back-to-back magic shows. With over 30 performances under his belt, Mr. Sonawane’s extraordinary skills left audiences captivated and craving more.

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Beyond his accomplishments as a performer, Mr. Sonawane actively engaged with the BNI-NAVI MUMBAI community, solidifying his reputation as a well-connected and respected member. His contributions of over 1.5 Cr+ in business transactions, coupled with his roles as a Green Club member, 1+ plus member, and Launch Director in the Navi Mumbai region, have further enhanced his standing within the organization.

In expressing his gratitude, Mr. Sonawane acknowledges the unwavering support and collaboration he has received from the BNI-NAVI MUMBAI members who have been instrumental in his journey. Their collective commitment to referrals and building lasting connections has propelled his success and inspired him to reach greater heights in his magical endeavors.

As Mr. Yogesh Sonawane’s success story exemplifies, BNI-NAVI MUMBAI has become a thriving platform for magicians and entertainers, unlocking unparalleled opportunities for growth. With a shared vision of fostering business relationships and generating success through referrals, BNI-NAVI MUMBAI continues to empower professionals and shape remarkable success stories in the world of entertainment.


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