Discover a Single Window Ecosystem for Businesses and Professionals with MAGAS Services

Dubai, [UAE], June 11, 2024: With MAGAS, businesses and professionals alike have access to unparalleled opportunities for growth and success. Its revolutionary platform integrates advertising, lead generation, and service delivery, providing a seamless experience for users worldwide.

What sets MAGAS apart is its commitment to excellence and innovation. It prides itself on being the pioneer of the ‘Service Media Platforms’ concept, holding global copyrights and revolutionising the industry. Unlike traditional social media platforms, MAGAS takes action to deliver results, not just words.

With the launch of its futuristic platform at Seamless Middle East 2024, at Dubai World Trade Centre, MAGAS is poised for even greater success. Its organic growth strategy aims to enhance digital awareness and quality scores, ensuring that its platform remains at the forefront of the industry.

During these three days at the event, this Indo-GCC company had a unique opportunity to connect with professionals in the corporate sector who came together and exchanged ideas, forged new partnerships, and celebrated the spirit of innovation. Attendees had a chance to connect with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals who are shaping the future of services sector. MAGAS has taken all feedback on board to address the pain points of the industry. 

The launch has uncovered some significant features and innovations to the platform, customized as per users taste buds. MAGAS is now more cost-effective and affordable for any service buyer and provider. Yes, it’s still FREE for Classified, Blogs and PRO (Professional) Listings. The platform has many top consultants and service providers already leveraging the platform to its best with advanced technology and a user-friendly experience.

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During the pandemic, MAGAS has proven its resilience with our Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) Model. Its focus on organic growth and cost-efficient solutions has led to rapid expansion and a growing client base worldwide.

MAGAS offers the most budget-friendly advertising platform, allowing users to self-promote and increase visibility without any transaction commissions. Its ELITE NETWORK MEMBERSHIP supports entrepreneurship and business continuity, providing a closed verified community network for professionals to connect and thrive.

For businesses and professionals listed on MAGAS, the opportunities are endless. From service outsourcing to direct connections with buyers, MAGAS facilitates seamless transactions and unparalleled customer engagement.

Its platform also gives an avenue to job seekers offering a comprehensive dashboard to showcase skills and connect with potential employers. With MAGAS, freelancers, remote workers, and full-time professionals can explore a wide range of opportunities tailored to their needs.

MAGAS helps in creating mutually beneficial relationships with influencers and affiliates, adding value to all parties involved. Its specialised services, project-based hiring, and cutting-edge technology integration set it apart as the future of business.

Founder and CEO Alan Gomes sums it up best: “We are currently the most value-driven platform for lead generation and professional services. With MAGAS, you can self-promote and get global reach without a transaction charge.”

MAGAS – The Future of Business 


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