Author Sarina Pasricha launched her book “Soccer Mom – A Children’s Story”

Author Sarina Pasricha launched her book “Soccer Mom – A Children’s Story”

Author Sarina Pasricha is the author of the books “Soccer Mom- A Children’s Story” and “Her Story- My Body is a Holocaust.” Sarina has a background in marketing strategy and is a skilled communicator and editor in addition to being an author. The technical writing of author Sarina Pasricha, who is currently based in New Delhi, India, is renowned for being clear and imaginative. She blogs frequently and has published more than 50 newspaper articles. Bijan Kumar Sinha is the illustrator for the book “Soccer Mom – A Children’s Story”

About the book “Soccer Mom – A Children’s Story”

Though the majority of women around the world still have to fight for access to basic services like healthcare, clean water, and education, it is unfathomable to think that many of them live in the post-modern era in the developed world where everyone has equal opportunities. This is an example of Nita’s story: the tale of an ordinary Indian woman growing up in a village and passing on fresh customs to the following generation.

The author, Sarina Pasricha, is endowed with a distinctive way of thinking, a charming demeanor, a keen sense of humor, and the capacity to pay attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind. Writing, editing, change management, coaching, training administration, and training delivery are areas in which author Sarina Pasricha does for Fortune 500 companies. She excels at interacting with individuals at all organizational levels and feels comfortable handling positions of great responsibility.

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